Cryptojacking: A rising threat to your cybersecurity

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Cryptojacking attacks increased by 8,500% in 2017 and the threat continues.

Cryptojacking is hacking devices or networks for mining cryptocurrency to buy, invest and sell in the digital world. Cryptocurrency in most cases is immune to control by central and government authorities and therefore hackers find it more enticing and find ways to make more digital currency. Cybercriminals look for different ways to maximize their profits and are constantly attempting to inject malware into IT devices. Most IT devices including mobile phones, tablets and IOT devices.

In the past, installing malicious software on the devices lead to cryptojacking but now even by visiting a malicious website or clicking a malicious link on your email could lead to installing malware on your devices. Unfortunately, you don’t know what website and what links are going to bring malware to your device. Hackers are hacking not just any website but also the high traffic websites to install mining scripts. In some cases, websites continue mining cryptocurrency even when the browser is closed. Cryptomining scripts run in the background and you only get to know when something bad happens like symptoms before sickness. Gradually problems can develop which can lead to data loss.

There are two ways to protect yourself from cryptojacking. One, prevent it from happening in the first place by consciously choosing what link to click, what websites to visit and where to download and upgrade software. Two, use data protection and cybersecurity software. A recent whitepaper by IDC revealed that a combination of data protection and cybersecurity is an effective method to safeguard your data from threat.

Acronis Backup leads the way in cybersecurity. The AI (Artificial Intelligence) based architecture provides an initial level of shielding for the incoming malware. Along with cybersecurity, it provides backup of emails, files, images, applications, settings, operating systems in the cloud which will help to re-establish operations and business continuity.

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