Cloud Backup for Business: Why It’s Essential in Today’s Digital Landscape

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Data is a very important thing to any type of business. Whether its improving business process, improving decision making, creating new revenue streams and strategising marketing, for anything data is crucial. Securing and protecting data is among the top priorities for businesses.  

Data Backup

Data backup is a process of creating a copy of data so that it can be recovered in case of data loss. Data loss leads to damage in company’s reputation, loss of customers, loss of revenue, time and more. Businesses cannot afford losing data and hence mostly follow the practice of backing up data. There are several ways of backing up data using USB stick, external hard disk, network attached storage and cloud storage because any backup is better than no backup.

As per the source, from September 2019 to February 2020, in a span of 6 months, 41% of Irish firms experienced at least one cyber-attack. Covid19 has influenced on increasing cyber-attacks which makes securing data and protecting it all the more important. This means loss of data which in turn affects your business in many ways.

Best way to safeguard data

Follow the 3-2-1 rule suggested by ACRONIS – global secure dcloud backup

  • Keep (3) copies of data. Do this so that you have less chances for a single event to destroy all 3 copies.
  • Store data in at least (2) different formats. Depending on what backup solution you already use, keep data in another format too (disk, tape, cloud, etc. )
  • Keep (1) copy offsite. To protect your data loss due to physical damage of your device, always keep 1 copy of data offsite.

Cloud Backup

Cloud backup is the process of backing up data on cloud platform so that you don’t lose data due to system failure, negligence of employees and natural calamities.

Advantages of having cloud data backup

1. Accessibility: Cloud backups are accessible anytime and from anywhere. All you need is internet to get access to your data. In the event of data loss from your device, you can quickly turn to cloud disaster recovery and get access to your data in minutes.

2. Less Manual task: All you need to do is ‘setup’ cloud backup solution. It automates backup process, protecting both physical and virtual servers. By choosing cloud based backup solutions, you need not worry about IT staff taking care of your data, unexpected accidents or system failures.

3. Multiple copies of data: Depending on the type of cloud backup you are using, you can store data in multiple locations and irrespective of the type of cloud backup your data will be stored in multiple copies. Redundancy of data means more assurance and security to your data backup.

4. Scalability: On-premises backup requires software license or additional hardware or external device. Whereas, in cloud backup, you get to choose and upgrade the plan as per data storage and user requirements. There is availability of scale down or downgrade plan and hence giving the user the flexibility of scaling.

5. Security and Compliance: Using data backup gives end to end encryption of data, hence providing increased data security. Some of the cloud backup service providers available in the market are cyber fit and is AI-integrated to provide utmost data protection. Most of the cloud backup solutions abide by data regulations and policies. And if you are a company based in Europe, you could choose Acronis cloud backup that is totally GDPR compliant and has its headquarters in Switzerland. It also has the best data security AI based cloud infrastructure to keep your data safe and protected.

To plan the best possible data backup solution for your business, get in touch with an IT service provider or us and we will help you decide the best data backup solution for your business. If you are interested to know more about the available options for your company, you could write to us at To know about cloud backup solution visit Secure Cloud Data Backup