Data concerns of Microsoft Office 365 [Backup, Recovery, GDPR compliance] you should know.

You are currently viewing Data concerns of Microsoft Office 365 [Backup, Recovery, GDPR compliance] you should know.

Microsoft Office 365 is one of the best online/cloud based business applications available in the marketplace. At work it creates user/team collaboration, it has scalability, customization, productivity, advanced security and cost efficiency.  Office 365 has certain security features that includes encryption, advanced threat analysis, data loss, retention and also data recovery.

Although Office 365 has data retention, it is data recovery you should be concerned about. Backup and GDPR compliance are also concerns. This is where the third party cloud backup services support and supplement the functionality of your office 365.

A recent survey by Gartner suggests the growing interest for third party backup solutions by the Office 365 users and reveals that 50% of companies will adopt third party backup solutions by 2020.

Office 365 concerns you should know:

  • Recovery of older data:

            Older data may be difficult to recover and sometimes it may have been deleted.

  • Data retention policies:

The data retention policies of Microsoft do change and different applications have different policies. Office 365 users, need to keep track of these policy updates.

  • Security threats – Internal and External:

Other than normal processing, Microsoft Office 365 resources need to be protected from malicious alteration or destruction of data by current or former employees.

With the exception of relatively recent deletions of relatively new resources, Microsoft unfortunately does not protect against malicious insider destruction or alteration of Office 365 data. Microsoft offers limited protection against malware attacks and also the ability to restore malware-encrypted files to the previous state is limited.

  • Compliance and Legal:

Compliance requirements including GDPR regulations can make matters difficult and increase the business costs of the unprotected data losses described above. Data not recovered from Office 365 can possibly expose the business to regulatory fines and legal penalties. Companies who might be unable to meet e-discovery requests can suffer revenue losses and even customer trust in the marketplace. Organisations using SharePoint Online might be unable to meet requests for copies of that data which would be a violation of EU GDPR regulations.

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