Disrupt or Disappear – A Response

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Recently the article by Aisling Keegan, general manager of DELL EMC Ireland was published in the Sunday Business Post.

Digital disruption is a very valid concern for many businesses, and Aisling clearly highlighted how many companies and organisations believe that they will be obsolete within the next 5 years unless they have a proactive strategy in place to reinforce their IT Transformation, Security transformation and a workforce transformation.

Decision makers should consider Aisling’s points and that one of ways businesses can continue to prosper and innovate is if they are willing to adopt the latest technologies to increase productivity, efficiency and security.

Users can’t build tomorrow’s apps on yesterday’s infrastructure.” 

Aisling urges businesses to embrace a hybrid cloud strategy that is based on a modern data center, which incorporates today’s latest and technologies and hardware.

But having  your business backed by the latest cloud solutions is just a part of the whole transformation process , the workforce must also have access to up-to date applications to increase productivity, such as the Atlassian suite.

One of the Atlassian products that fits perfectly here is : JIRA Core. It allows businesses to manage projects, track details of ongoing projects and measure performance.

Not only does it streamline the process of work being submitted and completed, it also allows for easier tracking of that work, creating greater efficiency and productivity.

That leaves us with security, and it’s not something that should be overlooked which was highlighted by Aisling.

“..with the workforce accessing applications and information remotely, security transformation becomes a necessity. To protect against an ever-increasing number of cyber-attacks for example, it’s critical to integrate within your business intelligence driven solutions providing endpoint protection for data, systems and reputations.”