Gamification in eLearning- 3 Reasons to Use It

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Digitalisation in training at the workplace has proven to be a successful training and development method. Gamification, a game-based approach to engage and motivate learners is widely used as a part of the training strategy. Walmart used gamification based learning management system for its safety and compliance program for 6 months and the lost time reduced by over 50%.
For the training team, gamification method helps to track employee involvement, progress and performance, and spot knowledge gaps. Based on the report, the training team can improve their training method.

3 Reasons why gamification can be the best approach for you,

Gamification makes learning fun

Gamification is a fun experience for learners. Quizzes, games and competitions with a game-based approach can help learners involve more and enjoy learning. Difficult, boring and confusing topics can be simplified by using real-life scenario quizzes and questions to make it easy and fun to learn. Gamification has proven to reduce the participation downtime and promotes learning culture.

Gamification enhances the user experience

Adding game levels, points system, completion rewards, scoreboard brings in the spirit of gaming and makes learning an enjoyable process. Real-time information on game progress and access to check leaderboards and see others progress can increase involvement and participation rates. Team building activities can be strategized and promoted which improves employee relationships and promote healthy company culture.

Gamification boosts intrinsic motivation

Ability to access the dashboard and see their progress is a motivation for learners’ to do better. It develops a sense of accomplishment and builds self-esteem among the learners and encourages them to do more. Peer recognition is a powerful way of motivating people to learn and gamification models used by many companies use this approach.

eFront learning management system provides a solid gamification engine to design a training model with points, badges, levels and leaderboard. The dashboard accessible for administrators provide insights into the performance of employees and assess knowledge gap which can help improve the content or improve training method. eFront gives the flexibility and control for the administrators to design a gamification training model to make the training method fun, efficient and cost-effective.

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