IIBA Summer Social Cricket Event

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What’s better than watching a cricket game on a warm Saturday evening? Playing it with people who share the same passion as you for the sport and the sportsmanship surrounding it.

A rather unusual event popped up last week that caught our eye, in the business world it is very common to see business gatherings, to exchange ideas and contemplate the future of companies. But this event was very differently structured compared to your typical events.

It wasn’t revolving around formality and speeches but rather around the revival of the passion that people had for Cricket as a sport when they were still children.

The event was organized by The Ireland India Business Association and was held on a cricket pitch in Trinity College Dublin on Tuesday. Kind of an odd place to hold a business gathering wouldn’t you say? Well here we witnessed and partook in something very unusual, at first everyone who showed up expected the usual formalities to take place but within an hour all the ties and blazers went off, sleeves were rolled up and intense games of cricket were had, by the businessmen who were reluctant to get active at this event in the first place!

It was such a rare moment to see so many brilliant minds put all the fancy talk behind them and just have a few competitive games of cricket together with 6 international team players from both India and Ireland to coach and push everyone to their limits that evening. It was truly an amazing experience to be a part of. After the hands were shook in good sportsmanship, everyone was invited to an outdoor barbecue accompanied by a warm sunset, which from our experience of outdoor events in Ireland, must have taken a fortune to book!